Two teams.
One dream.

Our organisation is split. One dedicated team for talent. One dedicated team for companies. Why? Because to do otherwise results in rushed, transactional work. So, whether you’re talent or a company, our people have the time and resources and expertise to give you the service you deserve.

Pete Miller
Chloe Cook
Talent, Technology
Nora Agafonova
Talent Trainee
Kyle Richards
US Director, Technology
Frankie Hesling
Director, People & Ops
Ellie Shaxon
Head of Product, US
Jim O’Donoghue
Pod Lead, Technology
Chris York
Talent, Technology
Chelsea Karaolis
Director, Talent Success
Shaq Baker
Talent, Commercial
Elsie Garvey
Talent Advisor, Technology
Zainab Issufo
Talent, Commercial
Tom Knights
Director, Customer Success
Dom Henry-Hayes
Talent Trainee
Lauren Li
Talent Trainee
Jamie Reid
Talent, Technology
Rosie Bird
Talent Trainee
Valeria Moreno
Talent, Technology
Will Partington
Talent Trainee
Carmen Hildago
Talent, Product
Will Sutcliffe
Talent Advisor, Product
Milly Smith
Head of Careers
Claire Hawkins
Head of Elite Performance
George Murray
Talent Trainee
Sandra Arezina
Head of Revenue, US

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